Mao - prima di addormentarmi

In the first decade of the 21st century, the city became notorious for organised crime and corruption. Gangsters oversaw businesses involving billions of yuan and the corruption reached into the law-enforcement and justice systems. In 2009, city authorities under the auspices of municipal Communist Party secretary Bo Xilai undertook a large-scale crackdown , arresting 4,893 suspected gangsters, "outlaws" and corrupt cadres , leading to optimism that the period of gangsterism was over. [29] However, local media later highlighted the apparent reliance by the authorities on torture to extract confessions upon which convictions were based. In December 2009, one defence lawyer was controversially arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison for "coaching his client to make false claims of torture" and in July 2010, another lawyer released videotapes of his client describing the torture in detail. [30] In 2014, four policemen involved in the interrogation were charged with the practice of "opposed illegal interrogation techniques", considered by observers to be torture. [31] The number of security cameras increased significantly in the early 2010s to the highest of any city in the world at around 500,000. [32]

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Publisher: Milano-Sera (Biblioteca di cultura, 11)
Publication Date: 1950
Binding: Original Wraps
Book Condition: Very Good
Edition: First Edition.

Mao - Prima Di AddormentarmiMao - Prima Di AddormentarmiMao - Prima Di AddormentarmiMao - Prima Di Addormentarmi