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Though subdued and sublime, Skylarking was not an easy album to make. The band members argued with Rundgren and one another; Moulding actually quit at one point, and Partridge repeatedly threatened to fly back to England. Though he didn't like the album initially, Partridge's opinion of Skylarking — and of Rundgren — has softened. "I now see with the benefit of hindsight that it's a fine album and he did some sterling work," says Partridge.

Skylarking is the ninth studio album by the English rock band XTC , released on 27 October 1986. Produced by American musician Todd Rundgren, Skylarking is a loose ...

The last major hit of XTC's touring phase was " Senses Working Overtime ". This was the first single from their double album English Settlement (February 1982) and their only top 10 hit in the UK.

So happy to hear this. Black Sea is one of my favourite XTC records and this surround series has been fantastic. Drums and Wires was a real high water mark for me. Still hoping like crazy they can find the English Settlement masters and I would truly love to see The Big Express get the deluxe treatment. A great record and a little under appreciated I think. If they can’t find the newer stuff how about the older stuff. 3DEP, White Music, Go 2. These were my first XTC records and I still love them to death. Thank you for doing these and keep ’em coming.

If you are thinking of seeking out the wall, you’re out of luck - it was obliterated several years ago and is now covered in pebbledash.

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XTC This Is PopXTC This Is PopXTC This Is PopXTC This Is Pop