Tony pastor and his orchestra - soft-hearted - hey mabel!

I can't tell you the number of times I've been contacted by a church wanting to develop an assimilation process. Or, they have one and they want to improve it or to use Church Community Builder to implement the process. Either way, I'm always happy to help!Remember, though, the assimilation process is just a part of an overall effort to develop strong, solid, and effective infrastructure. And, the heart of any … [Read more...]

I would like to write a note of caution here.  When any Christian moves beyond what I call the “Christian ghetto,” you are going to associate with business leaders, politicians and media people who will not share all the evangelical beliefs you do.  As long as you are not promoting those ideas you can be used as salt and light in the culture.  For example, Nancy Reagan was very much into astrology and influenced her husband Ronald Reagan, a famous Evangelical President.  Does Nancy invalidate Ronald Reagan? 

Instead of a relationship being a blissful experience it becomes a battle field most days. We go from pain to pain and rarely discover the reason why. We get hurt and we hurt others, and as a result we profess that love is pain..

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University, a Master of Public Administration degree from Louisiana State University, and was awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity from Liberty University.

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We don’t have an enemies list. We’re the church that doesn’t keep an enemies list. We don’t have an enemies list. Maybe we have an enemies list, we have one on it and by the way, you’re not on it. Our enemies list is one. We don’t war against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places. There’s a devil who blinds people and deceives people and seeks to destroy people. We have an enemies list of one and he’s on it. You’re not. We care about you. We want to be friends. We’re going to talk straight. We’re going to tell the truth but we’re not trying to be mean or unkind. I really don’t want to be. Well somebody said well they called you a bigot. Well, I’ve been called worse. Being called a bigot by the church of Scientology is like being called ugly by a one-eyed bullfrog. Just don’t worry about it, consider the source. We’re not worried about it.

Dr. Evans has received many honors, including the Father of the Year award voted by the Dallas Father of the Year Committee and the Marian Pfister Anshutz Award for “dedication to protecting, encouraging, and strengthening the American family” from the Family Research Center.

Tony Pastor And His Orchestra - Soft-Hearted - Hey Mabel!Tony Pastor And His Orchestra - Soft-Hearted - Hey Mabel!Tony Pastor And His Orchestra - Soft-Hearted - Hey Mabel!Tony Pastor And His Orchestra - Soft-Hearted - Hey Mabel!